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    Slayer Guide From: v1sk3y

    Updating photos there when i get my photos working
  2. Slayer guide for starters - First go get task from Turael It is located west from bank there is all other slayer masters too. - Turael = easy - Mazchna = medium - Duradel = hard - Nieve = elite - Krystilia = wildernes so only get xp on wildy area monsters Elite task gives boss task's
  3. V1sk3y

    Money making methods

    - Here some tips to make easy money. - First is thieving and other skilling Like thieving and runecrafting - Second is slayer - Third is bossing GWD's are 1 of the best then is zulrah and ginat mole is good skilling stuff but its 52 wilderness
  4. - Hello new players here is some tips for starting - First when u join Choose mode what u want play. - Second when you have choosed your mode come here and do thieving or go traning. - Third here u can teleport to the skilling and monsters etc... - Here is shops in west side of the bank - Mage shop - PKP shop - Fancy costume shop - Range shop - Food and potion shop Combat gear shop - Skill cape shop - Pure shop - Crafting shop - Gewneral shop - Agility ticket shop - Revenant ether shop This is my best guide/info so good luck guys 🙂