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  1. Quake

    Hunter Guide

    Hunter Guide Getting there/Starting out This guide will show you how to get started on the hunter skill and get that 99 in no time. First teleport to the hunter zone Trade Aleck and buy 2-3 snares and about 5 box traps. Note that the hunter gear gives no xp boost and is just for looks.   This is the map I've plotted out for the Hunter Zone. You teleport in on the Diamond, trade aleck near the circle and then head to the Star to begin hunting your first bird. Set the snare on the ground and with a little luck you'll snag your first bird Check the bird snare to collect the trap and the kill At level 20 you can lay up to two traps and handle tropical wagtails (level 19 req) At level 40 you can place an additional trap, and at 53 you can box trap chinchompas. (Reds at 63)  Sometimes your traps will be triggered but have no catch. In this case you have to dismantle and re-set it up. (reset option does not work) At 73 you can catch black chins in the wilderness. If you are going to catch chins in the wilderness you should bring an amulet of glory to teleport out, ample food and potions, preferably some range gear or even anti-pk stuff if you're feeling up to it 😉 but the main thing is be ready to run down and tele I use the revs teleport to get to the chins spot. Simply teleport to revs (which places you outside of the cave) and run south and slightly east. You will pass some moss giants and come down to the chin spot When the xp boost is at black chins its a great way to get to 99; Just be careful out in the wilderness. PURO PURO At various levels, various imps can be caught. You need a butterfly net and jars to catch them. Lucky imps always give clue scrolls BUT will destroy your jar. For this reason, I recommend Bringing quite a few (not too many though) Imps can be found in puro puro. This teleport takes you to the portal Click this square patch of energy and you'll rise and teleport to Puro Puro Once in puro puro you can begin catching imps! You will auto path to whichever one you click but if you need to get through the wheat then sometimes the movement can be a big buggy. Allow me to explain When pushing through magical wheat it is dependant on where you are standing, not which place you click. For example: standing in the RED zone and clicking ANY magical wheat on either side will push the player LEFT through two squares. Just as inversely in the right lane, the BLUE side; if you click on ANY magical wheat even visible you will pass to the RIGHT and go through the wheat. Keeping this in mind will help you in traversing Puro Puro Now you can effectively hunt down those dirty Imps and put them to shame. Shake them up for their goodies. Clicking on the impling jar in your inventory will loot it, offering some very interesting rewards... There are many different imps That have some really good drops some especially valuable stuff for ironmen Lucky Imps however are special in that they drop scrolls every time But note your jar is used up  On each one you catch Looting lucky impling jars is the best way to get clue scrolls. Imps don't give a whole lot of xp but by hitting up chins during the xp boost or just grinding it out in the hunter zone where its safe you can get that 99 Then you too can play mouse trap with yourself
  2. Quake

    Dragon Defender Guide

    Thanks! I aimed to make it newb friendly while also offering information specific to this server (such as the fact that the dragon defender is gotten upstairs just like all the others, instead of down) Will keep updating these and creating more 😉 Some videos coming soon.
  3. Bronze to Dragon Defender Requirements: Any Set of Armour (rune recommended) Ability to defeat cyclops and rune reanimation. Protect from melee recommended This Guide will go over how to get the various defenders up to Dragon Head to the warriors guild with your armour pieces (You just need helmet, legs and body) You will be brought to the top room but we can't enter just yet. (200 warriors guild tokens required) Lets go downstairs and get some tokens Walk into this room up to the Magical Animator Use one of the pieces on the Magical animator and fight the animated rune armour Pick up the pieces and the warrior guild token (80) and repeat When you've got some tokens (over 200) you can head upstairs and begin farming for defenders Enter the upstairs room by clicking on the door *Kamfreena might say that she charges 200 to re-enter but that isn't true* Once inside every two minutes 20 tokens will be deducted Kill the cyclops inside (I think the droprate is near normal 1/50 per defender) (Dragon is probably more but I got lucky) When you get a defender drop a message is displayed in your chat Pick it up and head out of the room (near Kamfreena) This is essential as you need to leave and re-enter in order to trigger the next defender. If you don't re-enter you will get a duplicate as the next defender has not been triggered to spawn You can also get duplicates depending on which defender you enter with (highest defender in inventory triggers the next defender to drop) When you re-enter you won't be charged 200 tokens (just the 20 per 2 mins) but you will trigger the next defender to drop; in this case Iron Keep collecting the defenders and re-entering the room after each to climb up the ladder to Dragon. You may have to go back downstairs to collect tokens but the cyclops drop them as well as a few other interesting things: Once you have a dragon defender you can add the ornament kit (bought from loyalty shop) to it if you'd like Good Luck getting yours 😄 Took me a couple hours 😉 I know I look scrubby with a void melee helmet on 😉
  4. Quake

    Farming Guide

    Introduction: (TL/DR: recap at bottom) You may have tried to start farming yourself already and found it challenging to get going. Worry not, this guide has everything you need to know to get started and get that 99. The reason farming can be daunting to start is that it is damn near impossible to obtain starter seeds in an efficient or worthwhile manor. We will be bypassing the start of farming altogether and will be growin' dank herbs all the way up to 99. Getting Started: First you will need to obtain an XP lamp. The easiest way to get one would be in the voting shop (located in edgeville bank) so vote for 3 or more vote points and buy an xp lamp. You could also buy votes from other players but c'mon voting isn't difficult and it helps the server out! IMPORTANT: You can use xp lamps in bonus zone for 600k xp instead of 400k but only the latter is required. You can use the lamp right away or save it and use it while in a bonus xp zone (quest tab) ; at the time I originally made this I did not know of this. If you have xp restrictions you may have to use more lamps to get to lvl 9 and begin farming. (lvl 9 is the lowest crop we can grow in-game; guams) Use this lamp and claim the xp for farming, this will boost you all the way up to level 65 (If on normal xp rates and NOT in a bonus xp zone) You can teleport to the farming zone via the chronicle or the Teleportation map just north of edgeville bank and begin farming! Actually Farming: The Master Farmer Sells seeds and the equipment you'll need to farm. Buy about 4 Buckets, a Rake, Seed Dibber and Watering can. From 65 herblore you can do snapdragons which take a few minutes to grow. Buy some snapdragon seeds to start and move up to Torstol at lvl 85. (Torstol harvests on all 4 patches give about 1.1 Million xp and grows in 5 minutes) Note you get xp for planting and harvesting. you can pick a Poison Ivy Bush but it doesn't give that much xp and only lets you pick it once every few minutes. Click the full patch of weeds to start collecting them. You can toss these weeds in the Compost Bin nearby Note: You will never really be behind on compost if you keep tossing your weeds in Right Click the bin and click 'empty from Compost Bin' in order to fill a bucket with compost. Do this for all your buckets Clicking on the empty patch should now put down compost, click all four spots (if the spot already has compost it will be asking for a seed) Now click your seed in your inventory and plant it in one of the four spots. Do this for all four spots and water them by clicking each spot (note the watering can will never run out of water) A timer will be shown in the bottom corner displaying how much time the plant has left to grow As far as I know, plants will not become diseased After the time is up a message will display and you can then pick the herbs. It should give 4-8 herbs depending on what type and rng Now just rinse and repeat until your up to Torstols. The 99 won't be far behind 😉 TL:DR Recap Vote and buy a lamp. Redeem it on farming to get lvl 65 Right away Teleport to Farming Zone (falador park) Buy seeds and equipment from Master Farmer Rake Cure with Compost Plant seed Water Wait Harvest and Repeat. Compost bin to put weeds in and get compost in buckets. Master farmer sells equipment and seeds Banker to bank (and make your life easier) Ivy bush gives some xp and poison ivy berries Note there are 4 spots to plant on in this small patch. Start on snapdragons (at lvl 65) Move up to Torstols (at lvl 85) Grind to 99 (it won't take long) Goodluck getting 99 farming! I will attempt to keep this updated and will rewrite entirely should the methods change in a future update.
  5. Easy Fire Cape Requirements for this specific guide: (Can be done with much better or much worse gear and without prayer. Perhaps I'll make a guide on that too 😉 ) 43 Prayer High defence and Hp Helps Minimum gear below & better Grab some Food and potions and head to the fight caves Via the Teleport Map or Chronicle book Enter the cave and select 10 waves (This gives a fire cape and some tokkul, Higher levels give more rewards) Once inside the gauntlet will begin. Throw on your protect from magic prayer Dragging enemies into the area you entered can be used to separate them and make sure you aren't getting tag teamed IMPORTANT: The order in which you kill things will generally help you avoid taking a lot of damage and save time FIRST hit these Tok-Xil (level 90) things as they can hit quite hard. Next up these demon looking rats Yt-MejKot (level 180) It hits melee (not too hard but still a threat) so you can drag it to avoid being hit. Finally attack the Ket-Zek (level 360) which does a lot of mage damage if you don't have the prayer on. Doing each round in this order should never put you at risk, however if you're getting mobbed go to the outer edges to tackle them one at a time. On wave 9 you will face two of these Ket-Zek creatures so be ready to fight Jad after them (If Jad doesn't spawn within a few seconds relog and he should, be sure to get your mage prayer up to start) Jad is a pretty hefty hitter if you pray incorrectly however if done right you can defeat the mighty Jad without taking damage I would recommend starting and leaving Protect from Mage on as much as possible as its a little harder to react to in my opinion. As long as you are far enough away Jad should not melee you. He will rise up and either stomp or shoot a fireball. By keeping Protect mage on and hovering over protect range you can easily switch when you see Jad Stomp down (indicating it'll be a ranged attack) then switch back to protect from mage for the next attack. If he doesn't stomp, he'll be hurling a fireball at you so leave that Protect mage up Paying close attention to Jad can make this fight incredibly easy but one or two minor slip-ups can mean death (Don't worry items aren't lost and you can try again, however you start from wave 1 again) Once you've defeated Jad you'll be taken out of his cave and given your fire cape You can trade-in your fire cape for tokull or a chance to get a pet from this guy (but I don't know if I'd recommend that 😉 he's taken many capes from me) Want to get an Infernal cape now? EZPZ: Defeat Jad 5 times. It's an achievement that's really not that hard, just takes a little time. If you beat Jad once, you can beat him over and over again. After 3 kills you will receive some bonus f capes (along with the 1 per completion) so feel free to toss these towards a pet. At 5 kills the medium achievement for Jad will be completed and you will get your Infernal cape.
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    Quack Quack

    Names Quake, cause ermmm I like the quake games or something. Add me in game if ya wanna, its nice to be here 😜 Mostly skilling and pvming