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  1. Mod Qw

    Elite Dawn and Elite Dusk

    I love this idea, see what other peoples take is on this idea and we can go from there! i'd love to see something like this in-game! 😛
  2. Mod Qw

    What To Expect From Colossus' Chests

    Thank you for this, i'm sure this is going to help loads of people in the future 🙂
  3. Mod Qw

    Demuuz Staff App

    Congratulations, on receiving player support. Mod qw
  4. Mod Qw

    Bonus XP Zones

    Hello everyone! This server event is extremely simple, i'm just going to run you all through the locations and why we have the server event. This server event grants you 1.5x more EXP if you're skilling / pvming in the zones. The server event information can be found on the quest tab labelled as "XP Zone" - Here you can see where the current event is taking place, make sure when you go onto the quest tab you hit the refresh icon located top right. When do the events start? & How long do they last? All events last for 1 hour in-game time, you'll know when the zone has changed as a server message is sent in the public chat notifying all players that the zone has changed/ended. After the 1 hour period there is a 30 minutes break in between, to prevent this from being abused. Locations: Edgeville Woodcutting guild Mining guild Slayer tower Skillers cove Lands end Bob's island We will be adding more locations in the future. Why have we added this? & what effects will this have on me as a player? We decided to add this instead of double exp weekends, we believe double exp is too much exp to be receiving while playing, prevents people from grinding to get their skill capes or even their max capes. Adding this event has had a small impact on you as a player, we have reduced the overall amount of exp received in all skills and combat skills, making it more worth while training in these locations.
  5. Mod Qw

    Ironman Key

    Great idea, i will apply this is my list, for future updates! thank you for the suggestion!
  6. Mod Qw

    Report a issue

    @ikum I've added you on discord. Many thanks, Qw
  7. Mod Qw

    Report a issue

    Hi ikuma, After you rejoining ‘Vigorous-ps’ we have had issues regarding Aaron the owner. I was ignoring this until he logged into the server, started talking negatively about colossus-ps, also encouraging others todo the same. I have removed connections tied to you as you also provide content for him and your friends with him. We have evidence to support all these claims. We are trying to run a professional game, it becomes difficult when you have children who are spoiling it for others. This information has been passed to other content creators also will be passed to other discord staff such as, Runelocus, rune-server. If you’d like to discuss this further please message on discord. Many thanks, Qw
  8. Mod Qw

    Money making methods

    Well done keep it up!
  9. Mod Qw

    Rules of Colossus-PS

    Colossus-PS Rules! - No flaming/harassment - No discrimination (including any racism/sexism/homophobia/etc.) - No slurs/offensive content is to be present in your name/profile - No hate speech (attacks on any religion, ethnicity, gender or class) - Do not threaten to dox/hack/kill others. - Do not impersonate the founder, any staff, or other players. This includes names and profile pictures. - If you are impersonating someone who has broken a rule, you will be punished also. - Do not spam, self-promote or DM unsolicited invite links to any members. - Misleading/malevolent links will result in an instant ban. (You must get permission from Admin+ to advertise) - Falsely accusing someone of breaking a rule(s) is not tolerated. - Witchhunting (chasing someone for an admission of guilt) is not tolerated. Any attempts to evade punishments will result in even harder punishments, or complete extermination of your account and presence on Colossus-PS. - You can gain the Youtube title and In-game role, For 5 video uploads.
  10. Mod Qw

    Server special events!

    Good morning everyone, this list will increase in the coming days! I'm looking to do a few giveaways and competitions! - First Iron man with a max cape Reward: 25m, Extreme Donator rank, 3 Ultra mystery boxes - Winner , dream - First player with a scythe of viture Reward: 25m, 50$ in Donator tokens, 3 Ultra mystery boxes - Winner , dream - First player to receive all 3 Visages Reward: 15m, 10$ Donator tokens, 1 Ultra mystery box - Winner , A (dream) - First player to receive all 4 godwars pets Reward: 35m, 25$ Donator tokens, 2 Ultra mystery boxes - First player to post 3 skilling guides Reward: Donator rank or 10$ in credits - Winner , v1sk3y First player to achieve 200m xp in all stats Reward: 50$ Donator tokens, 4 Ultra mystery boxes
  11. Mod Qw


    - Changed Loot chest rewards - over 70+ uniques - Added over 100+ NPCs spawns to the wildy - Changed xp rates - Fixed skilling teleport at home - Updated shops - Added a Pvm point system - Added a Pvm shop - Updated Pvm shop items
  12. Mod Qw


    - Added cape particles - Added custom spirit shields (Purple pig spirit shield, Blue knight spirit shield, Green elegant spirit shield, Midnight spirit shield) - Started working on the spirit shield stats, they have the same effect as a elysian but different stats. - Finished with the deaths godsword, the special consists of ( Dragon scimitar, dragon warhammer, zamorak godsword, saradmoin godsword) All in one beast of a godsword. - Fixed Elemental shield now works at wyverns - Fixed dragons claws hitting past 100+ damage now on the correct stats - Added custom donator zone - Added custom skilling zone - Started work on the clipping issues - Removed the doors off chaos altar, for easy access - Added more spawn locations to lootchest - Fixed spam clicking loot chest - Updated drop rates for donator+ - Updated drop rates for normal players - Fixed auto casting with staffs - Changed the starter gear - Forums is now completed (so registration on there is key) - lowered prices in ::donate (to fit the rewards) - Added donator tokens - Started work on Donator perks (I strongly believe in not having a P2W community) - Finished adding more ranks in-game - Added drops to brutal dragons, blue, red, black
  13. Mod Qw


    - Fixed "You have been stunned" randomly happening and bugging out - Added Krabs, sonic, megaman, squirtle - Added attack animations and standing animations to - Ale of Gods, Scythe of viture - Added a New god sword! as seen! - Added a new map (no teleport as add new npcs) - Added special attack animations to scythe of viture - Fixed a teleport bug (where you'd lag out) - Added max cape emotes to (Zamorak, saradomin, guthix, assembler max cape) - Added Daily rewards ::claimdr - Added wilderness chest / Spawns every 45 minutes. - Fixed Pk shop prices - Added two new portals at home / Donator only. - Started work on a new custom skilling zone (will need requirements to go there) - Changed the way bosses drop items - Added custom items / new spirit shields and twisted bow - Added deaths godsword / special reduces defence, restores HP and pray - Forum work is being carried out currently, should be ready 15/01/19 - Changed the thieving stalls now you receive items instead of money - Added more items to the Pk shop
  14. Mod Qw


    - Updated the price of rune Armour so you can no longer make a profit - Relocated Hellhounds - Relocated Mamoths - Finished adding statius warhammer and vesta longsword - Updated drops - Added mystery boxes to more bosses - Updated donator zone, so you have the ability to use the shops that are not at home - Added Tier 1-3 Chests to bosses! (need to change a few items in them though) - Added Agility tickets - Fixed enchanting bolts - Removed some Objects at home - Removed a web you couldn't slash in wildy - Added amulet of torture (or) and Anguish (or) + Occult (or) making - Fixed fletching. making darts, arrows, bows, crossbows + Balistas- Added world announcements when you get a ornament kit - Added Ornament kits to treasure trails - Hard
  15. Mod Qw


    - Added new boss Added 1b Cash bag (Allows you to have over 1b as they stack) - Added 3 new chests - The golden chest gives raids 2 items - Added 3 new keys for the chest - Fixed vesta - Added new pets - Added extreme donator box - Added the new boss models and animations - Added rune and adamant dragons - Added a new shop spawn at home (east) - Updated Item definitions - Fixed some NPCs that you couldn't attack you can attack now - reworked the new chests - Nearly finished added "Boss chests to drops!" - Added notifications for when player support, moderators and owners login, also added it for legendary donators