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  2. So Qw posted in the discord that he is yet to see a maxed ironman 😛 so lets make that happen. this will be dreams road to max cape and i will update this post with milestones / 99's and or any good drops i get along the way ! Here are the starting stats of the account i've been working on. First 99 after the post! Anotha one (DJ khaled voice) hello 99 crafting 99 farming done! but ill need a lot more herbs for herblore finished up 99 Agility after a long day at work 😛 6 skills left till max! 5 ! 4! 3! just a quick 200m range xp milestone, a dragon pickaxe drop, and one of 3 jars of sand i got from doing KQ for herbs!! 2 skills left! This 99 was by far the worst yet some 200m xp achievements, zulrah drops, and 99 runecrafting! 1 skill left! a couple arma drops! and 99 slayer! the journey is finally over 😄