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    Diaries of Colossus

    Thinking to myself today like "im going to start the grind of Achievement diaries" but then i was ugh i need some sort of check list where i dont have to keep stopping what i was doing so i typed this up today and thought i could post it here so i can look to the side and check whats next as im already doing something. 🙂 thought you would alll like it too. while i was adding to forums i was thinking of maybe when i complete them i will add the rewards underneath each diary. ❤️ VARROCK (EASY) -Run the varrock rooftop course: 0/25 -smith steel knifes in pairs of 5: 0/10 -fill some vials with water from the centre fountain: 0/10 -craft some earth runes -have the wizard teleport you to the essence mine -mine some essence: 0/10 -steal from the tea stall -Dance, dance, dance: 0/15 -mine some iron ore: 0/10 (MEDIUM) -enter the champions guild -browse thessalia's shop -have apothecary create you a strength potion -buy a kitten from gertrude -use the grand tree to teleport -let bob barter decant your potions (HARD) -pray at the church altar with smite active -squeeze through the pipe in edgeville dungeon -chop some yews: 0/80 -cook some lobsters in the cooking guild: 0/150 (ELITE) -create some super combat potions: 0/100 -smith some rune knifes: 0/200 -craft more than 150 earth runes in one go: 0/30 ARDOUGNE (EASY) -steal cake from the baker's stall: 0/50 -use the lever teleport to the wilderness -have the wizard teleport you to the essence mine -walk across the log shortcut (MEDIUM) -teleport to ardougne -pickpocket the master farmer: 0/20 -combine two sheild halves to create a dragon sheild (HARD) -steal some fur from the fur stall: 0/200 -pray at the altar with chivalry active at the church -craft some death runes -run the rooftop course: 0/125 (ELITE) -steal some gems frome the gem stall: 0/200 -pickpocket some heroes: 0/400 -create supercombat potions on the bridge within the zoo: 0/100 DESERT (EASY) -pass through shantay pass gate -cut a cactus for some water -kill some snakes: 0/20 -kill some lizards: 0/20 -mine some clay in the north-eastern part of the desert (MEDIUM) -kill some bandits: 0/80 -pass through shantay pass wearing desert robes -create a combat potion in the desert -chop some teak logs near uzer: 0/30 -pickpocket a menaphite thug: 0/150 -activate ancient magics at the pyramid -travel to Nardah via magic carpet -kill some vultures: 0/70 (HARD) -travel to pollnivneach via magic carpet - kill some dust devils, wearing a slayer helmet: 0/80 (ELITE) -restore at least 85 prayer points when praying at the altar in sophanem FALADOR (EASY) -have the zammy wizard teleport you to the ess mine -chop willow logs: 0/85 -pick flax from the garden: 0/85 -pickpocket a man for some money: 0/50 -fill buckets with compost: 0/85 -grapple the north wall shortcut -teleport to falador (MEDIUM) -kill white knights: 0/200 -color a graceful piece -chop yew logs: 0/100 -pickpocket a master farmer for some seeds: 0/250 -pray at the guthix altar in taverly wearing full initiate -craft more than 100 mind runes in one go: 0/30 (HARD) -pick poison berries: 0/56 -steal gems from the gem stall: 0/84 -kill giant moles: 0/45 -mine some mithril ore: 0/84 (ELITE) -harvest torstols: 0/250 -fish manta rays: 0/450 -mine some gems from a gem rock: 0/500 FREMNNIK (EASY) -kill some rock crabs: 0/80 -fill some buckets with water at the rellekka well: 0/20 -cut some oak logs within fremennik province: 0/20 -have the sailor bring you to jatizso -have the sailor bring you to neitiznot (MEDIUM) -mine some coal in rellekka: 0/85 -defeat the dagannoth mother -kill a spiritual mage within the god wars dungeon (HARD) -teleport to trollheim -mix super defence potions within fremennik province: 0/35 -craft a fremennik sheild on neitznot -teleport to waterbirth island -kill some dagannoth kings: 0/30 (ELITE) -kill bandos god wars boss: 0/10 -kill armadyl god wars boss: 0/10 -kill zamorak god wars boss: 0/10 -kill saradomin god wars boss: 0/10 KANDARIN (EASY) -pick some flax in seers: 0/50 -buy a candle by talking to the candle maker in catherby -cross the coal trucks log balance -speak with sherlock (MEDIUM) -complete the barbaian agility course: 0/45 -enter the ranging guild -teleport to camelot -string a maple shortbow in seers village bank -fish some swordfish in catherby: 0/50 (HARD) -complete seers rooftop course: 0/50 -kill mithril dragons: 0/40 -cut some magic logs in seers: 0/150 -fletch a magic longbow in catherby (ELITE) -mix a weapon poison++ in catherby: 0/10 -teleport to catherby KARAMJA (EASY) -pick bananas: 0/32 -use a glory to teleport to karamja -travel to ardougne from the port in brimhaven -fish some lobsters: 0/58 -enter brimhaven dungeon through the entrance (MEDIUM) -be assigned a slayer task by duradel -kill some steel dragons in brimhaven dungeon: 0/50 -kill some moss giants on moss giant island: 0/120 (HARD) -complete the fight caves 63 waves minigame -minesome gold in tzhaar city: 0/150 -kill some tzhaar-xil: 0/250 (ELITE) -craft more than 50 nature runes in one go: 0/85 -create some anti-venom potions in brimhaven: 0/120 -equip a fire cape in tzhaar city LUMBRIDGE & DRAYNOR (EASY) -have sedridor telport you to the essence mine -craft some water runes -have hans tell you how long you've played -pickpocket a man -burn some oak logs: 0/28 -cook some shrip within the castle mine some iron at the al-kharid mine: 0/50 (MEDIUM) -teleport to lumbridge -take the shortcut over the river lum -purchase an attractor from ava -chop some willows in draynor: 0/150 -pickpocket the master farmer in draynor: 0/150 (HARD) -cast bones to peaches spell in al-kharid -craft more than 56 cosmic runes in one go: 0/30 -purchase barrow gloves from culinaromancer's chest (ELITE) -chop some magic logs in al-kharid: 0/250 -smith a rune platebody -perform the achievement cape emote in draynor MORYTANIA (EASY) -complete slayer tasks from mazchna: 0/4 -teleport to morytania swamp -kill banshee in the slayer tower: 0/25 -kill some werewolves: 0/30 (MEDIUM) -kill some cave horrors: 0/80 -climb the advanced chain in the slayer tower (HARD) -complete 10 consecutive tasks in a row -craft a black d'hide body in canafis -kill some nechryaels: 0/150 -loot the barrows chest, wearing a full barrows set (ELITE) -get a barrows piece from the chest -kill some abyssal demons: 0/250 WESTERN (EASY) -save the island of pest control: 0/25 -complete the gnome agility course: 0/25 -teleport to pest control using the mingame teleports -fletch an oak shortbow in gnome stronghold -kill some terrorbirds: 0/25 (MEDIUM) -travel to gnome stronghold via spirit tree -turn a crystal in a crystal bow -purchase a fighter torso at pest control (HARD) -kill some elves using a crystal bow: 0/50 -cook some monkfish: 0/250 -kill Zulrah: 0/30 -pickpocket a gnome 0/150 (ELITE) -string a magic longbow in Iletya -kill the thermonuclear smoke devil: 0/50 -get a task from nieve, wearing full void melee -upgrade two void pieces to elte: 0/2 WILDERNESS (EASY) -cast low alchemy at the fountain of rune -enter the wilderness from the edgeville lever -pray at the chaos altar in level 38 wilderness -kill some earth warriors: 0/50 -restore some prayer at the demonic ruins -enter the king black dragon lair -mine some iron ore -have the mage of zamorak teleport you to the abyss (MEDIUM) -mine some mithril ore -enter the wilderness god wars dungeon -kill some green dragons: 0/128 -kill a bloodveld in the wilderness god wars dungeon -sell a mysterious emblem to the emblem trader -smith a mithril axe in the resource area -complete wilderness agility course: 0/50 (HARD) -cast claws of guthix on another player -smith an adamant scimatar in the resource area -kill chaos elemental: 0/30 -kill crazy archaeologist: 0/30 -kill chaos fanatic: 0/30 -kill scorpia: 0/30 -kill a spiritual warrior in the wilderness god wars dungeon -fish some raw karambwans in the resource area: 0/150 (ELITE) -kill callisto: 0/140 -kill venenatis: 0/140 -kill vet'ion: 0/140 -teleportto ghorrock -cook some dark crab at the resource area: 0/350 -smith a rune scimitar in the resource area -kill a spiritual mage in the wilderness god wars dungeon -cut some magic logs in resource area: 0/200
  2. Timothy

    What To Expect From Colossus' Chests

    love it bro ❤️ great contribution!!
  3. cheers aria this will be a good reference for people to look at
  4. Timothy

    Bonus XP Zones

    Will be an amazing add to the server and thanks again QW ❤️
  5. Timothy

    Timothy's Staff App

    From - Perth Western Australia (GMT+8)
  6. Timothy

    Timothy's Staff App

    IRL Name: Tim / Timothy Age: 24 In-Game Username: Timothy In-Game playtime: (20 hours atm but increasing fast) Country & Time zone ( GMT+8) What's your average playtime each day, and what days of the week are you available to play? (Every Day) (2-8hours) Do you have any prior experiences with being a staff member on an online community? (Admin on Forum's, Discord and Sever on "Unleashed-Ps") Have you ever received (Jail, Mute, Ban), and if so, what was the reason? (N/A) If you were to receive this rank, would you devote more time to the server? (Could make the 2-8hours become 4-8hours) so yes most likely! What are some of qualities you think a staff member should have? (Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Patience) Why do you want to be a part of the Colossus staff team, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (150 words minimum) (The reason i would like to become part of the colossus staff team is mainly because i see the dedication and the loyalty behind the current staff and to someone who has played alot of rsps's and has been around quite a bit of the community it is refreshing to see, i also feel i can be online at times when there will not be any other staff online. I do not feel i deserve the rank of staff but i would be a great add to the team as i am always in a happy mood and easy to get along with i am willing to put in the effort and am here if anything is needed.) Let us know a bit about yourself (What do you usually do in your spare time? What do you do for a living etc.) (Hey all my name is Timothy and im from Australia i am a carpenter by trade and have two kids at the moment i play colossus and indoor cricket in my spare time otherwise its work and kids 😛 ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you were to receive your rank, what would you do in situations like this?... If you found someone excessively spamming? -1.ask politely to stop -2.warn about (mute) -3.Mute What would you do if you found out items had been duped into the economy? -1. jail suspected accs -2. contact qw -3. anything qw needs next -------------> (20$ is 20$) 😉 🍆 (Jks) What would you do if you saw someone harassing another player / staff member? -1. step in straight away -2. deal with the problem at hand -3. try to prevent from happening again What would you do if someone posted rude comments and posts on forums? depending on forum rank i would warn and then ban or i would contact someone with powers If you found someone using very offensive language in-game? Find out whats going on and if necessary deal with the problem (;;Mute _____) Thanks for the time muchly appreciated -Tim