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    Gamble rules

    Flower Poker Hot Flowers: Cold Flowers: Host Wins: Replay: This game is played between 2 players Each player must plant 5 mithril seeds Depending upon the colors of 5 flowers, the outcome is decided Rules If a player plants 2 flowers of the same color, it is considered 1-pair (1p) If a player plants two 1 pairs (2 different pairs) it is considered 2-pair (2p) If a player plants 3 of the same, it is considered 3-of-a-kind (3oak) If a player plants 4 of the same, it is considered 4-of-a-kind (4oak) If a player plants 5 of the same, it is considered 5-of-a-kind (5oak) If a player plants 3-of-a-kind and a 1-pair, it is considered full house (fh) If a player plants 5 different flowers, it is a bust* White/Black flowers are a replant** If both players bust, it is a replant The winning case is as follows; 5oak>4oak>Full house>3oak>2p>1p>bust *In the situation where both players bust, both of them must replant 5 flowers and replay* **In case any one of the 5 flowers is white/black, both players must start over and re-plant all 5** Dice Games 55x2 One Roll Win or Lose. The host must have a dice bag to begin The player must trade the host the bet to begin the dicing bet Roll of 55 or higher = Player who places bet wins Roll of 54 or lower = Host wins x2: Refers to the total pot of the dice which will be the winnings. Example: Lowkey (player) vs omicorn (host) Omicron trades 20m to Lowkey and confirms 55x2 Lowkey rolls a 63 and the player wins the Bet. Lowkey must now pay 40m to Omicron Dice Duel vs Best out of 3, winner takes all Each player must take turns rolling for each round up to 3 total rounds The player who rolls the highest number for each turn wins the round The player must win 2 rounds of 3 to receive the winnings *You can request a middleman to hold No particular order is required for each roll but you can only roll once per turn Players may choose between best of 3 or best of 5 rounds Example: Otto (player) vs Sheep (player) 45m vs 45m (90m Pot) First Round: Otto: 51 vs Sheep: 37 Otto: 1-0 Second Round: Otto: 5 vs Sheep: 62 Sheep/Otto: 1-1 Third Round: Otto: 95 vs Sheep 92 Otto: 2-1 The winner is Otto and he receives 90m Black Jack Any number of rolls hit or stay The host must have a dice bag to begin You must pay the host or a middleman your bet Each roll the better must hit or stay (H/S) The goal is for both players to hit as close to 100 as possible If the host rolls higher than the better and doesn't bust over 100, the host wins If the player hits the highest number and host busts, the host pays x2 of the bet Players go first and host must try to beat the players highest rolls Example: Lowkey (player) vs Omicron (Host) Lowkey trades Omicron 100m bet on BlackJack Omicron rolls a 35 and then asks for H/S Lowkey hits, Omicron rolls a 52. Total being 87. Lowkey decides to Stay Omicron rolls 62 Omicron rolls 53 and busts at a 115/100 total. Omicron pays 200m to Lowkey as winnings
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    Price Guide

  3. Demuuz

    Price Guide

    The list will be updated as soon as we can. Edits of updates. Staff - mods - admin - owner Prices will be more updated, and more items will come in. Last Updated: ( Name, date. ) Notice: Red text = Unstable price Revenants Craw's Bow 20m-35m Ancient Emblem 1m Ancient Totem 2.5m Ancient Statuette 5m Bracelet of Ethereum 150k Revenant Ether 700gp ea Barrows Dharok's Helmet 1-1.5m Dharok's Platebody 2-2.5m Dharok's Platelegs 2m Dharok's Greataxe 1.5m Set: 6-6.5m Guthan's Helmet 500 - 600k Guthan's Platebody 600 - 700k Guthan's Chainskirt 300 - 400k Guthan's Warspear 250k Set: 2-2.5m Torag's Helmet 600 - 800k Torag's Platebody 800k - 1m Torag's Platelegs 1.6 - 2m Torag's Hammers 200k Set: 3-4m Verac's Helmet 1.5m Verac's Brassard 600k-1m Verac's Plateskirt 2.5m Verac's Flail 200-300k Set: 4.5-5m Karil's Coif 500k Karil's top 4.5 - 6m Karil's Skirt 3 - 3.5m Karil's Crossbow 500k Set: 8.5-10m Ahrim's Hood 1.5 - 2m Ahrim's Robetop 7 - 8m Ahrim's Robeskirt 8 - 9m Ahrim's Staff 750 - 1m Set: 17-20m Ancient Warriors gear Statius's Full Helm 85m Statius's Platebody 85m Statius's Platelegs 85m Statius's Warhammer 85m Vesta's Chainbody 85m Vesta's Plateskirt 85m Vesta's Longsword - 85m Vesta's Spear 85m Zuriel's Hood 85m Zuriel's Robe Top 85m Zuriel's Robe Bottom 85m Zuriel's Staff 85m Morrigan's Coif 85m Morrigan's Leather Body 85m Morrigan's Leather Chaps 85m Morrigan's Javelin 40k Morrigan's Throwing Axe 40k Jewellery Ring of Coins 5 - 10m Ring of Nature 5 - 10m Ring of Wealth(I) 15m Seers' Ring 7m Archers' Ring 7m Berserker Ring 7m Warrior Ring - 7m Ring of the Gods 15m Treasonous Ring 15m Tyrannical Ring 15m Amulet of the damned 15m Amulet of Fury 5 - 7m Occult Necklace 6 - 8m Berserker Necklace 3m Necklace of Anguish 45m Amulet of Torture 45m God Wars Armadyl Godsword 100m Bandos Godsword 50m Saradomin Godword 35m Zamorak Godsword 35m Bandos Chestplate 65m Bandos Tassets 65m Bandos Boots 35m Armadyl Helmet 35m Armadyl Chestplate 65m Armadyl Chainskirt 65m Armadyl Crossbow 50m Zamorakian Spear 20m Zamorakian Hasta 15m Saradomin Sword 15m Magic gear & weapons Infinity Hat 5m Infinity Top 10m Infinity Bottoms 10m Infinity Gloves 3m Infinity Boots 10m Master wand 20m Mage's Book 20m Staff of light 18 - 20m Staff of the Dead 20 - 35m Toxic Staff of the Dead 25- 40m Trident of the Seas 15m Trident of the Swamp 20 - 24m Malediction Ward 45m. Ranged gear & weapons Robin Hood Hat 10m Ranger Boots 20m Dark Bow 8m Toxic Blowpipe 20 - 40m Heavy Ballista 17 - 24m Light Ballista 10m Odium Ward 45m Dragonfire Ward - 65m Slayer / Boss drops Abyssal Whip 7m Abyssal Tentacle 10m Abyssal Dagger 20m Black Mask 3m Serpentine Helmet 20m Tanzanite Helmet 30m Magma Helmet 40m Primordial Boots 45m Pegasian Boots 45m Eternal Boots 50m Dragon Warhammer 75 -85m Dragonfire Shield 30m Dragon Full Helmet 8m Dragon Chainbody 4m Dragon Platelegs 4m Dragon Boots 8m Bludgeon 45m Spirit shield Elysian Spirit Shield - 2b Arcane Spirit Shield 800m - 875m Spectral Spirit Shield 200m - 275m Blessed Spirit Shield 15 - 20m Holy Elixir 15 - 20m Raids drops? Ancestral Hat 90m Ancestral Robe Top 100m Ancestral Robe Bottom 120m Twisted Bow - 2,5-3b Twisted Buckler - Dinh's Bulwark - Dragon Hunter Crossbow 50m Dragon Claws 100-150m Dragon Harpoon 15m Kodai Wand 60 - 65m Elder Maul 250m Ghrazi Rapier 250m Scythe of Vitur 2.5 - 3b Justicular Faceguard 220m Justicular Chestguard 400m Justicular Legguard 400m Skilling supplies Dragon Axe 3 - 4m Dragon Pickaxe 10m Yew Log 1k ea Magic Log 3k ea Redwood Log - Gold Ore 150gp ea Gold Bar 200gp ea Coal - 100gp ea Adamantite Ore 1k ea Adamantite Bar 3k ea Runite Ore 4k Runite Bar 5k Dragon Bones 750 - 1k ea Dagannoth Bones 3 - 5k ea Lava Dragon Bones 7 - 10k ea Raw Shark 2k ea Cooked Shark 500 - 1k ea Raw Manta 2k ea Cooked Manta 1,5k ea Raw Dark Crab 4k ea Dark Crab 2k ea Raw Anglerfish 4k ea Anglerfish 3k ea Rares Mystery Box 3 - 6 m 3rd Age Bow 90m 3rd Age Wand 90m 3rd Age Longsword 90m 3rd Age Cloak 140m 3rd Age Melee Full Helmet 150m 3rd Age Melee Platebody 250m 3rd Age Melee Platelegs 250m 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield 300m 3rd Age Mage Hat 125 - 125m 3rd Age Amulet 125m 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 250m 3rd Age Mage Robe Legs 250m 3rd Age Range Coif 75m 3rd Age Range Top 100m 3rd Age Range Legs 100m 3rd Age Vambraces 50m Santa Hat 110m Blue H'ween Mask 65m Green H'ween Mask 65m Red H'ween Mask 65m Black H'ween Mask 100m H'ween Mask Set 295m Rainbow Partyhat 1.5 - 2b Black partyhat 900 - 1.2b White Partyhat 300 - 350m Yellow Partyhat 300 - 350m Green Partyhat 300 - 350m Purple Partyhat 300 - 350m Blue Partyhat 300 - 350m Red Partyhat 300 - 350m Partyhat & Specs 250 - 300m Partyhat Set 1.8 - 2.1b Misc Ballista Limbs 1m Ballista Spring 500 - 1m Monkey Tail 10m Heavy Frame 5m Godsword Blade 750k - 1m Crystal Key 500 - 750k Ward Upgrade Kit 10 - 15m Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Kit 10 - 15m Dragon Scimitar Kit 10 - 15m Dragon Full Helm Kit 10 - 15m Dragon Defender Kit 10 - 15m Dragon Sq Shield Kit 5 - 10m Armadyl Godsword Kit 15 - 20m Bandos Godsword Kit 10 - 15m Saradomin Godsword Kit 10 - 15m Zamorak Godsword Kit 10 - 15m
  4. Demuuz

    Fishing Guide

    Fishing/Cooking Guide Dragon Harpoon Allows you to fish 20% faster and you can equip it with 60 attack to save a extra inventory spot when fishing! Starting at level 1 you can only fish Shrimp and Anchovies with a small fishing net. After the first inventory you will have high enough level to fish Trout and Salmon with a Fly fishing rod and Feathers. Fish trout and salmon til 40 Fishing then go pick up a Lobster Pot Fish Lobsters til 62 fishing, then go pick up a Small Fishing net for Monkfish Fish Monkfish til aprox 85 fishing when you reach 80 cooking Last of all fish Shark's from 85-99 Fishing and Cooking [Donator Only] Fish Mantas from 81-99 Fishing and Cooking Note: At 94 cooking you will stop burning sharks. Resource Area Heals for 22 Hitpoints Requirements: Fishing Rod and Sandworms 82 fishing level and 84 Cooking Level Heals for 22 Hitpoints Requirements: Lobster Pot 85 Fishing Level and 90 Cooking Level Heron Pet The heron is a skilling pet that can be obtained while training Fishing.
  5. Demuuz

    Smithing Guide

    Smithing Guide! Smithing is a skill where you can produce a large variety of items by smelting ores into bars on a furnace, then forging those bars into weapons, armours, and more on an anvil. Important things to remember: (GoldSmith Gauntlets - x2 XP per gold bar smelt when wearing)  You will need to Smelt Bronze bars. Required Items per Bronze bar: 1 x Tin ore and 1 x Copper ore You will need to Smith Bronze platebodys. Required Items per Bronze platebody: 5 x Bronze bars You will need to Smith Iron platebodys. Required Items per Iron platebody: 5 x Iron bars You will need to Smith Steel platebodys. Required Items per Steel platebody: 5 x Steel bars You will need to Smith Mithril bolts (unf). Required Items per Mithril bolts (unf): 1 x Mithril bar You will need to Smith Mithril platebodys. Required Items per Mithril platebody: 5 x Mithril bars You will need to Smith Adamant bolts (unf). Required Items per Adamant bolts (unf): 1 x Adamant bar You will need to Smith Adamant dart tips. Required Items per Adamant dart tips: 1 x Adamant bar First method: You will need to Smith Adamant platebodys. Required Items per Adamant platebody: 5 x Adamant bars Second method: You will need to Smith Runite bolts (unf). Required Items per Runite bolts (unf): 1 x Rune bar You will need to Smith Rune dart tips. Required Items per Rune dart tips: 1 x Rune bar You will need to Smith Rune platebodys. Required Items per Rune platebody: 5 x Rune bars
  6. Demuuz

    Demuuz Staff App

    IRL Name: Victor. Age: 41. In-Game Username: Demuuz. In-Game playtime: 3 Days soon. Country & Time zone: Sweden CET GMT+1. What's your average playtime each day, and what days of the week are you available to play? Every day. Monday to thursday 2-4 hours, on weekends Friday to Sunday 8-10 hours. Do you have any prior experiences with being a staff member on an online community? Onyx Rsps - Admin. Ventrilica Rsps - Admin. sohanscape Rsps - Helper / Moderator. VortexScape Rsps - Co Developer. Have you ever received (Jail, Mute, Ban), and if so, what was the reason? No jail. Ban, Mute, or anything. If you were to receive this rank, would you devote more time to the server? of course. am always active, although I need to get out of bed in the middle of the night 🙂 What are some of qualities you think a staff member should have? Positive attitude. Honest. Self-motivated. Committed/Passionate, Why do you want to be a part of the Colossus staff team, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? I'm very comfortable with staffing since I have done it many times before and was preeminent. I am very efficient at making/keeping the community at peace with one another, and acting upon a player breaking a server rule anywhere on the network. (e.g. Server, Discord, or Website.) I try to answer any ones questions either on the Server or Discord if possible. This is because I know what it feels like to just want someone to help you with a simple question. I know how many staff focus on their own idea of what needs to be fixed, as so do I. But I think we should not overlook maybe to you simple questions in chat because you have other things to do. As you may have guessed already a strong advantage of mine is helping others. This is one of the best qualities I believe a staff member should have! Don't get me wrong I love helping players out as a normal player like them, but there is so much more I can do to further help them as a staff member. This is the main reasoning i'm applying.) Let us know a bit about yourself (What do you usually do in your spare time? What do you do for a living etc. As said victor here i live in sweden with my wife and 4 kids. works at a company called inet, where we build everything from gaming computers to home cinema systems. It goes without saying that I enjoy playing games, but am also familiar with gfx design. family, friends, ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you were to receive your rank, what would you do in situations like this?... If you found someone excessively spamming? Warning but if it persists a mute will be issued for the offence. What would you do if you found out items had been duped into the economy? Find out who has been duped, if i can't find them so I contact the owner and ask them to do a wipe on the banks due bug abuse. What would you do if you saw someone harassing another player / staff member? Talk to the affected person and talk to the one who behaves badly, do not listen to them so mute > jail. What would you do if someone posted rude comments and posts on forums? If it happens once, then I remove post, it happens twice warning, it happens multiple times and the person can go on vacation in the forest. If you found someone using very offensive language in-game? Mute 24Hours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server knowledge questions (successful applicants will be expected to know all these) Name 3 different locations the loot chest can spawn. West of wilderness agility course. West of Fountain of rune. - At what level slayer can you start doing Boss tasks? I'm guessing this one because I can't do it completely. Slayer lvl 90?. Where are cave horrors? Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. How does one make a Ring of Wealth (I) Ring of Wealth scroll to make it imbued (I). Thank you for taking the time to read. See you in-game Demuuz