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  1. Demuuz

    Game updates 07/11/2019

    Updates 07/11/2019 - Added dwarf cannon - Buffed drop catcher (Picks up all secondaries) - Buffed Ultra mystery box - Buffed Extreme mystery box (changed price from 20$ to 25$) Best item scythe - Added new information tab with hover buttons - Added new starter interface (cleaner) - Fixed dragon scimitar (or) - Cannon cannon balls drops to bosses - Added clue-scroll notifications when you get a drop - Added ancient shard drops to more catacomb monsters - Added dwarf cannon to slayer shop "150" a part - Fixed a issue with invisible dwarf cannon - Fixed varrock easy diary - Added tea stall thieving - Added teleporting to pure essences through the mage also ::essence works as a command - Removed tables from general store at home - Remove duplicate vote boost at edge bank - Added fishing guild - Added corporeal beast teleport - Fixed spell error in teleport map - Changed server broadcasted messages (allows the chatbox to be more tidy) - Fixed a security issue where you could log into any accounts without a password
  2. Demuuz


    Any one like Meatballs?
  3. Demuuz

    Staff update November

    Relax was promoted to Server helper - - -
  4. Demuuz

    Relax's staff application

    Congratulations, on receiving player support. -Staff team
  5. Demuuz

    Staff updates October

    Demuuz was promoted to Head of staff F T P was promoted to Moderator Gunterhaben was promoted to Server helper Bubba was promoted to Server helper Fuk was demoted
  6. Demuuz

    Game updates 27/10/2019

    Updates 27/10/2019 - Fixed dragon hunter lance (25% more damage towards dragons) - Added well of good will + a icon shows when the 20% boosted double drops are active - Added Zamorak, bandos, saradomin, aramadyl godsword (or) special attacks - Added dragon bolts opal + dragon stone special effects - Added a new donator zone - Added new objects to existing donator zone - Added donator perk, Mining, fishing, woodcutting - donators receive 10% - increases the high tier donator you are - Fixed duplicating - Changed player support icon (more professional) - Added new elite armours (Justiciar) - Added 2019 Halloween event armour - Added part 2 Halloween event (Collect crystals to proceed to next part) - Started utilizing our player base by advertising on larger communities - Fixed Hunter xp issue - Changed our donator ranking system - Donator, Premium, Supporter, VIP, Super donator, Extreme donator, Legendary, Ruby, Diamond - Fixed a issue with dragon lance and donator store - Fixed bracelet of ether duplication glitch - Added osrs trading - Updated loyalty shop - Buffed elite void - Buffed elite justiciar - Made 2019 Halloween set cosmetic only - Buffed drop catcher
  7. Demuuz

    Game updates 22/10/2019

    Updates 22/10/2019 - Added new elite ancestral - Buffed brimstone chest (contains secondaires and food) - Added hardcore iron man ranks - Fixed a ultimate iron bug (if you die your items disapear) - Added kaluumn dengeon give damage if no stone / brimstone boots are equipted - Added more items to the loyalty shop - Buffed elite armadyl now has a set bonus - Added osrs banking - Fixed teleport and logging out in tournaments - Added max str tournament preset - Added 3rd age druidic + 3rd age plateskirt - Added mask of ranul - Added wolf mask and wolf cape - Added skull cape - Fixed dragon hunter lance
  8. Demuuz

    Dragon Defender Guide

    Good one man, really like them! keep going 😊
  9. Demuuz

    Game updates 9/10/2019

    Updates 19/10/2019 - Nerfed dragon implings - Moved to a dedicated donator shop - Added automatical claiming donations - Scythe of vitur is now blocked in the wilderness - New player ranks added - Pest control timer reduced to 20 seconds - Fixed voting - Client launcher complete - Reworked NPC names - Adjusted OPcodes (graphics and visuals) - Disabled particles - Added new iron man shops - Fixed herb sack - Added pvm point exchange scroll (same as loyalty scroll) - Ahrims staff 1 handed - Added correct brimstone chest at ::konar - Added kaluum dungeon teleport the correct way at ::konar - Added 32k object support - Added kurask slayer only zone - Added devout boots - Added Ferocious gloves - Added creating dragon hunter lance - Added creating brimstone boots - Added creating devout boots - Added creating ferocious gloves - Added alchemical hydra - Fixed wyrm death emote - Fixed wyrm spelling in teleports - Changed prices in vote shop for gold key - Added all slayer helms to check npc kill logs + current slayer task - Removed master farmer from daily tasks - Fixed slayer wyrm task - Fixed clipping at home - Added fountain at home to imbue rings, magic short bow, basic items - Fixed zulrah instances - Added multiple instance support (limit was 5)
  10. Demuuz

    Quick n' Easy Fire Cape (10 Wave)

    Your guides make me amazed, Keep up with what you're doing
  11. Demuuz

    Quack Quack

    Hey quake, welcome to Colossus. added, see you in-game :)
  12. Demuuz

    exblade staff app

    Not enough backing / community feedback on this app. exblade I have spoken to you many times, you seem like an overall decent lad, just I have to deny this application for now. Feel free to reapply in 3-4 weeks if you are still interested. I do recommend getting to know more of the community and familiarizing yourself with most of the server. Thanks, -Staff Team
  13. Demuuz

    Updates 10/10/2019

    - Fixed scythe of vitur price - Fixed drop catcher - Added drops for wyrm and drakes - Added ::drakes - Added stackable dragon knifes - Fixed slayer helm making - Added wyrm bones and drakes bones - Added bury and use on altar - Fixed xp in woodcutting guild yews/magics - Added halloween event - Fixed gnome agility course - Fixed xp lamp - Pirce change for xp lmaps, now 5 tickets. - Fixed drop issues - Changed amount of runes in magic supplies - Remove vote tickets from loyalty shops - Added mystery box + golden keys to vote shop
  14. Demuuz

    Game updates 08/10/2019

    - Added daily bossing and skilling tasks - Added donator slayer dungeon - Added sangunesti staff (1/6 heal chance) - Changed the ::dz command to the original donator zone (custom) - Added new chest - Removed edgevile useless objects - Updated the login tutorial - Updated donator ranks - Added more items to ingame store - Added all drops to teleports (monsters etc) - Added drakes - Added wryms - Added more slayer monsters - Updated drop catcher - Fixed tournaments - Added minnow fishing - Buffed inferno cape - Added ::prices
  15. Demuuz

    Fishing Guide

    Fishing/Cooking Guide Dragon Harpoon Allows you to fish 20% faster and you can equip it with 60 attack to save a extra inventory spot when fishing! Starting at level 1 you can only fish Shrimp and Anchovies with a small fishing net. After the first inventory you will have high enough level to fish Trout and Salmon with a Fly fishing rod and Feathers. Fish trout and salmon til 40 Fishing then go pick up a Lobster Pot Fish Lobsters til 62 fishing, then go pick up a Small Fishing net for Monkfish Fish Monkfish til aprox 85 fishing when you reach 80 cooking Last of all fish Shark's from 85-99 Fishing and Cooking [Donator Only] Fish Mantas from 81-99 Fishing and Cooking Note: At 94 cooking you will stop burning sharks. Resource Area Heals for 22 Hitpoints Requirements: Fishing Rod and Sandworms 82 fishing level and 84 Cooking Level Heals for 22 Hitpoints Requirements: Lobster Pot 85 Fishing Level and 90 Cooking Level Heron Pet The heron is a skilling pet that can be obtained while training Fishing.