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Cripple's Introduction

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Hey gentlemen and gentlewomen! I guess it's time I did an introduction! Well, here goes nothing.

My name is Matt, I'm 6', 22 years old, 189LBS, a strong willed Ginger who loves long walks on the beach and the smell of roses.

I am currently employed by the U.S. Army as an Ethical Hacker and system maintainer.  I love my job but hate the people I work with.  

I'm married to a beautiful 22 year old female named Dakota and have a 3 year old daughter named Dyani(turns 3 on Oct 30th) and she runs my life.  

If y'all see me in-game, leave me the hell alone! Haha, I'm pretty friendly and you can feel free to talk to me.  If I'm there, I'll talk back.  And if you are going through some IRL stuff, I'll talk to you about it or talk junk about whoever.  

Hit me up in-game or on discord.  


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