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Hunter Guide

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Hunter Guide

Getting there/Starting out 

This guide will show you how to get started on the hunter skill and get that 99 in no time.


First teleport to the hunter zone


Trade Aleck and buy 2-3 snares

and about 5 box traps.


Note that the hunter gear gives no xp boost and is just for looks.



This is the map I've plotted out for the Hunter Zone.

You teleport in on the Diamond, trade aleck near the circle and then

head to the Star to begin hunting your first bird.


Set the snare on the ground and with a little

luck you'll snag your first bird


Check the bird snare to collect the trap and the kill



At level 20 you can lay

up to two traps and handle

tropical wagtails (level 19 req)


At level 40 you can place an additional

trap, and at 53 you can box trap

chinchompas. (Reds at 63)


Sometimes your traps will be triggered but have

no catch. In this case you have to dismantle and re-set it up. (reset option does not work)

At 73 you can catch black chins in the wilderness.


If you are going to catch chins in the wilderness you should bring an amulet of glory to teleport out, ample food and potions,

preferably some range gear or even anti-pk stuff if you're feeling up to it 😉 but the main thing is be ready to run down and tele

I use the revs teleport to get to the chins spot. Simply teleport to revs (which places you outside of the cave) and run south

and slightly east. You will pass some moss giants and come down to the chin spot


When the xp boost is at black chins its a great way to 

get to 99; Just be careful out in the wilderness.



At various levels, various imps can be caught. 

You need a butterfly net and jars to catch them.

Lucky imps always give clue scrolls BUT will

destroy your jar. For this reason, I recommend

Bringing quite a few (not too many though)


Imps can be found in puro puro. This teleport takes you to the portal


Click this square patch of energy and you'll rise and teleport to Puro Puro




Once in puro puro you can begin catching imps! You will auto path 

to whichever one you click but if you need to get through the wheat then

sometimes the movement can be a big buggy. Allow me to explain


When pushing through magical wheat it is dependant on 

where you are standing, not which place you click.


For example: standing in the RED zone and clicking

ANY magical wheat on either side will push the

player LEFT through two squares. Just as inversely

in the right lane, the BLUE side; if you click on ANY

magical wheat even visible you will pass to the RIGHT

and go through the wheat. Keeping this in mind

will help you in traversing Puro Puro


Now you can effectively hunt down those dirty

Imps and put them to shame. Shake them up for 

their goodies. Clicking on the impling jar in your inventory

will loot it, offering some very interesting rewards...


There are many different imps


That have some really good drops


some especially valuable stuff for ironmen

Lucky Imps however are special

in that they drop scrolls every time


But note your jar is used up


On each one you catch


Looting lucky impling jars is 

the best way to get clue scrolls.


Imps don't give a whole lot of xp but by hitting up chins during the xp boost

or just grinding it out in the hunter zone where its safe you can get that 99



Then you too can play mouse trap with yourself




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