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Game updates 07/11/2019

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Demuuz    7

Updates 07/11/2019
- Added dwarf cannon
- Buffed drop catcher (Picks up all secondaries)
- Buffed Ultra mystery box
- Buffed Extreme mystery box (changed price from 20$ to 25$)
Best item scythe
- Added new information tab with hover buttons
- Added new starter interface (cleaner)
- Fixed dragon scimitar (or)
- Cannon cannon balls drops to bosses
- Added clue-scroll notifications when you get a drop
- Added ancient shard drops to more catacomb monsters
- Added dwarf cannon to slayer shop "150" a part
- Fixed a issue with invisible dwarf cannon
- Fixed varrock easy diary
- Added tea stall thieving
- Added teleporting to pure essences through the mage also ::essence works as a command
- Removed tables from general store at home
- Remove duplicate vote boost at edge bank
- Added fishing guild
- Added corporeal beast teleport
- Fixed spell error in teleport map
- Changed server broadcasted messages (allows the chatbox to be more tidy)
- Fixed a security issue where you could log into any accounts without a password

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