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Game updates 23/11/2019

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Demuuz    7

updates 23/11/2019
- Fixed duplication bug on player owned shops.
- Released player owned shops.
- Reduced prices in the in-game donator store. (in preperation for black friday, website to follow.
- Changed the player in combat timer to 10 seconds (was 5 seconds before)
- Added inventory models to our custom items + drop models.
- Changed the loot in the wilderness chest.
- Added new spawns to the chest allowing it to spawn around the map.
- Added ::snow (turns on and off) in preperation for christmas.
- Started working on thanks giving event.
- Added a max preset to the tournament system.
- Finished the 8 man tournaments.
- Lowered the timer to 30 seconds between game (tournaments).
- Removed spectres until there is a fix inplace (slayer).
- Removed the zulrah scales from extreme box, placed inside the ultra and reduced to 30k scales.
- Fixed dwarf cannon at corporeal beast.
- Buffed dragon claws.
- Added new items to the pvm store (removed the scythe of vitur).

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