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IRL Name: Colin pronounced (call-in)

Age: 23

In-Game Username: Doo Brown

In-Game playtime: coming into 48 hours but been on game alomst two weeks now

Country & Time zone: USA EST

What's your average playtime each day, and what days of the week are you available to play? I can play anywhere from 3-10 hours a day

Do you have any prior experiences with being a staff member on an online community? Yes I was a moderator for a popular server for over 3 months before stepping down.

Have you ever received (Jail, Mute, Ban), and if so, what was the reason? No

If you were to receive this rank, would you devote more time to the server? Considering the time i spend now id day yes

What are some of qualities you think a staff member should have? Honesty, Loyalty, and the ability to make fair and just decisions on punishments and warnings

Why do you want to be a part of the Colossus staff team, and why do you feel you deserve this rank?  I want to join the staff team because i feel as if i can help the community in a positive way and help push this game past its limits. I am a dedicated player and worker that will always try my best to make the right decisions based on information provided to me.

Let us know a bit about yourself (What do you usually do in your spare time? What do you do for a living etc.)  I am a father of 3 that spends most of his spare time with the kiddos but when the kids are chill im playing a video game of some kind and chillin out.


If you were to receive your rank, what would you do in situations like this?...

If you found someone excessively spamming? Warn them to stop maybe two-three times and if they do not i would temp-mute for an hour and if it were to continue i would extend until necessary. 

What would you do if you found out items had been duped into the economy? Immediately jail the duping account and search trade logs for where items were traded

What would you do if you saw someone harassing another player / staff member?  Same as before depending on if the aforementioned staff member had already gave them warnings.

What would you do if someone posted rude comments and posts on forums?  Depending on the vulgarity i would either remove said comments or posts or give them a warning that they are not following our rules and there will be repercussions. 

If you found someone using very offensive language in-game? again depending on vulgarity i would warn them 2-3x and if it continued temp mute


Server knowledge questions (successful applicants will be expected to know all these)

Name 3 different locations the loot chest can spawn. West Of Demonic Ruins, West of Agility Course, Lava Dragons

At what level slayer can you start doing Boss tasks? 

Where are cave horrors? frem slayer dungeon

How does one make a Ring of Wealth (I)? 10m or ring imbue scroll

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