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Bonus XP Zones

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Hello everyone!

This server event is extremely simple, i'm just going to run you all through the locations and why we have the server event.

This server event grants you 1.5x more EXP if you're skilling / pvming in the zones.

The server event information can be found on the quest tab labelled as "XP Zone" - Here you can see where the current event is taking place, make sure when you go onto the quest tab you hit the refresh icon located top right.

When do the events start? & How long do they last?

All events last for 1 hour in-game time, you'll know when the zone has changed as a server message is sent in the public chat notifying all players that the zone has changed/ended.

After the 1 hour period there is a 30 minutes break in between, to prevent this from being abused. 



Woodcutting guild

Mining guild

Slayer tower

Skillers cove

Lands end

Bob's island

We will be adding more locations in the future.

Why have we added this? & what effects will this have on me as a player?

We decided to add this instead of double exp weekends, we believe double exp is too much exp to be receiving while playing, prevents people from grinding to get their skill capes or even their max capes.

Adding this event has had a small impact on you as a player, we have reduced the overall amount of exp received in all skills and combat skills, making it more worth while training in these locations.

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