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doo brown

Elite Dawn and Elite Dusk

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doo brown    0


Dusk and Dawn the boss duo everyone has come to know from osrs in Colossus!

While we all patiently await elite bandos armour and raids 2 drops much speculation has come on how to add into the game and what better choice than a new HARD boss encounter unique only to Colossus-ps! Dusk and Dawn will be a boss that you MUST kill with a partner! Below ive listed some ideas I have thought of so far on how we can make this work!

Ideas so far:

  1. loot is based off of damage done to the bosses (kind of like points) to access a drop table similar to how raids works
  2. starting hp on both bosses should be around 800-1000 each with slightly higher defence than osrs
  3. both bosses use a different combat style (dusk-mage, dawn-range) and will attack both players
  4. add a special attack that avoids 75% of prayer (totally can be lowered) 
  5. allow players to join a clan chat in order to kill boss (maximum party of 2) similar to how raids works
  6. could possibly implement a fee for starting the encounter (10-50m) for a decent gold sink

Will be adding more ideas as I think of them this is still a fresh idea so feel free to add opinions and more ideas! 


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Mod Qw    4

I love this idea, see what other peoples take is on this idea and we can go from there! i'd love to see something like this in-game! 😛 

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